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Are You Ready For Love?


Well I thought I was . . .  ready for love that is, but traversing the slippery slope of internet dating smacks of all things unnatural, stranger danger and odd attractions to one dimensional images.  The odd attraction to one dimensional images part, I thought, for me would be the smallest hurdle to leap. I’m into one dimensional and probably so are you if you are living in the US. Most of us associate totally with one dimensionality, but the trouble with the one dimensional universe, when used to attract a mate can be most obvious when I point out that people have way more than one dimension, shit 3 dimensions doesn’t even cut it when it comes to human behavior and most importantly the human’s ability to bullshit up a storm, or not. I often prefer and am attracted to the bullshit artist. Not sure what it is, but I love a good line and often will respond to people who are attractive and able to write a profile that fills my needs for mental stimulation. I have yet to find, with the exception of one, a profile that was so incredibly good I actually made a move. I will include my profile in the offing because while it doesn’t stink and isn’t at all bullshit, I don’t believe it expresses who I truly am, but gives a brief summary of what I want and who I’m looking for, add a good photo and well many men have shown a great interest. Is this a good thing? I don’t know, because in as much as I am looking at one dimension so are they and what you see isn’t always what you get.

Never being able to do anything in a small way, I joined 3 sites right off the bat, and being the, “new kid on the block”. I was initially inundated and overwhelmed with responses and now that the fervor has died down I’m left wondering about what I was actually thinking. I am also wondering a lot, as usual, about the human condition when it comes to all things love and about chemistry and how all of that works. I also would say that if you enter into that one dimensional universe you might want to polish up your self esteem, cause you’re gonna need it. So far I have been on 4 dates, all of which I thought were good prospects, decent men and intelligent. All 4 of said men apparently did not feel the same way about me. Well one did and that was nice, but let’s get back to the bullshitters and riddle me this? Why would someone who didn’t like you say that they did. Odd right? I don’t do that. I don’t expect that and I don’t fucking appreciate it. My bad?

Anyway nuff said about that, because while it’s perplexing I believe you should use the same mentality when you are dating that you would use when you are about to shoot a roll of film. If you take 100 pictures figure if you are lucky you will get 5 really excellant results. Maybe a better photographer would get more, but I’m still learning, navigating the equipment and taking it personally if someone doesn’t fall head over heels with me right away. It’s fun though, and distracting and at the very least it adds to my experiences which is what I am seeking right now.

You know I thought about this too. I believe at the heart of the whole internet dating scene about 90% of the time we are all basically seeking the same experience, to find and fall in love with another person who we can share everything with, someone who sees us for who we are and loves us because of it or in spite of it, hopefully both. Sometimes thinking about this makes me sad and at others, not so much.  And having interacted at one level or another with some men I’m finding it is probably best to refine my style, not get so nervous and to let them talk. I also would say to pay attention to what they say when they are saying it and see if you like it. I often come from a place of wanting someone to like me, and this is wrong. Not that you shouldn’t want someone to like you, just don’t let it be your primary concern. See if you like them . . .

Well I’m off, more to come when the mood hits me!

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